hello, friends.

i've always wanted a space to share thoughts, recipes, adventures, photos + sources of inspiration. this is it: welcome to our world.

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all you need is love.

seriously, the beatles were damn right.

i know.  it's been quite awhile my friends.  today was my bridal shower and it was hands-down one of the best days of my life. shout-outs to my awesome family (both old and new) and friends who planned, created, cooked the most amazing food, and made this all as fabulous as could be.  i couldn't have dreamt up a lovelier day! hopefully my facial expression here says it all:

that's pure joy and happiness right there! :)

everyone gave a recipe that is special to them and a spice for our pantry.  so sweet!

my lovely aunts.

the food was a selection of tapas and salads and everything was incredible.

eric's nanny and cousins.

my future mother-in-law and her bestie.

handmade apron and coasters!

ribbons galore.

this isn't so bad! ;)

all my lovely ladies.

my best friend and matron-of-honor. i love you.
thank you, everyone! sending you all the love in the world from eric and i.



  1. Congratulations Kristi. You are a sweet person and deserve all the best!

    1. thank you, dana! i hope that you, benjamin and the entire family are doing well! :)