Paul Started it All

Paul Martin - Proprietor of The Crystal Shop in Soho, NYC/ Salida, CO 1985-2021

From a cube of Spanish pyrite, to one of the most immaculate "All For Sale" collections known to many in the mineral business, Paul Martin of Salida, CO began his crystal shop and metaphysical journey through the curiosity of earths unbelievable geometric formations. Taken by the beauty of the cubic formation of pyrite, Paul embarked on a journey of selling stones in Soho, Manhattan, NYC- Where his shop first began as "The Crystal Shop in Soho". After 10 years of successful business in the Big Apple, Paul migrated west to the beautiful town of Salida, CO until his official retirement from the mineral business, February 28th, 2021. With a strong metaphysical notion, Paul encouraged all who seek the magic within crystals to follow their intuitive feelings when selecting stones, and to pay attention to what they are most attracted to. Paul also insists that not all stones do the same thing for everyone, and while books can be a guidance, our intuitive intelligence can tell us more about how a mineral is meant to assist each of us personally. Pebbles + Marbles has worked closely with Paul over the years as a trusted source of crystals that carry superb energy, and are ethically sourced. As a beyond interesting and metaphysically wise individual, Paul himself is considered by many to be a wonder to behold just as much as his collection.


Laughter + Lapidary

*Rick and Clark have retired since the time of writing this bio*

Meet Rick and Clark. These guys are simply awesome. When we receive in rough stones that could benefit from shaping and polishing, we go to them first. Why? Their work with the stones is not only of excellent quality, but the intentions they put into each individual piece they work with aligns with our notion that metaphysics come first. Aside from lapidary work, these dudes also happen to be some of the most insightful and intelligent people we have the pleasure to call friends. Clark is a practicing shaman and energy worker, and Rick is an experienced botanist that has a superb knowledge in plant medicines. Rick is also Paul's in-store partner, his live in caretaker, and most importantly- his best bud. Need some custom work done on a stone you have at home? Send us an email and we'll let you know what kind of work the boys can do for you!

Rick and Clark share a laugh inside The Crystal Shop in Salida

Raise a Glass to the Architect

My name is Joey- Mineral Importer and Exporter, Photographer, Web Designer, and Owner and Operator of Pebbles and Marbles. I stumbled (literally) upon the metaphysics in minerals on a hot summer day at Jones Beach on a 4th of July. The wind was nasty the day before, and many of our beloved Shakedown Street vendors had their inventory strewn about by the gusts. As I walked the lot the second day of the two day Phish show, I stepped on what I thought to be a watermelon Jolly Rancher. When I felt no crush under my weight, but instead a digging into the bottom of my foot through my sandal, I bent down and picked up what turned out to be a beautiful dark pink tourmaline crystal with a faint green termination. From that point forward, minerals became more and more integrated into my life and spiritual practices. Having worked with Paul Martin as a dealer and partner for The Crystal Shop in Salida from 2013-2021, we sourced and found unique inventory that I remember to this day. The remainder of Paul's collection was sold to a new owner who seeks to honor and continue his legacy. Since settling in Vermont and working less with stones (and doing less Phish Tour), I have found time in farming, writing music, and now building acoustic instruments.

Joey Rowe - Owner and Operator of Pebbles and Marbles