Aegirine (Malawi)

Aerigrine is a sodium iron silicate that forms long, pointed, and usually terminated crystals. This particular crystal tends to have fibrous symmetrical textures that often branch off into several other prismatic structures. Often black and opaque in color, Aerigrine has also been seen in more translucent shades of brownish and greenish-black. Asymmetrical clusters of Aerigrine are more commonly found in alkali-rich volcanic rock.


There are many various uses for Aerigrine, ranging from creating protective energy to encouraging confidence and acceptance of yourself and others. Aerigrine tends to aid the user through offering guidance, and allowing confidence to follow through with commitments. This particular stone has been known to be a well-balance crystal for females, encouraging fertility, comfortability and support to return from maternity leave, as well as easing body dysmorphia.


While aiding in improving self-body image, Aerigrine has amplifying abilities to boost the properties of other healing stones, as well as shielding properties to create protective barriers against malice, jealousy and psychic attack.


Lastly, Aerigrine has been used to aid with strengthening immune systems, combating deficiencies, providing mental stimulation, and disrupting electrical interference.


Aegirine (Malawi)


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