Almandine Garnet (Sedalia, CO)

Almandine Garnet usually dawns a more flat shade of scarlet and red, with muted, earthy undertones. The warm tones gently glimmer similarly to that of a deep, red wine, though derived of an iron aluminum silicate.


This stone tends to be very useful in grounding, or manifesting a more down-to-earth view on life. Whilst aiding in self-awareness and presence, Almandine can bring protection and strength within the mind and body, solidifying a sense of wholeness while challenging and exercising the intellect. The intellectual properties provide an extra mental boost to viewing the world of numbers, whether that be in mathematics or astronomy and astrology.


Almandine also has properties that can improve fertility and libido, intensifying physical relationships and opening the user to viewing love more easily. These other abilities go hand-in-hand with the stones ability to cultivate a sense of security and abundance. It is also known to ward away fears, worries and panic through the sense of grounding and realism.

Almandine Garnet (Sedalia, CO)


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