Amazonite (Lake George, CO)

Amazonite from Lake George, CO


Reflecting quite similarly to its gentle healing abilities, Amazonite appears in spiritual and calming shades of turquoise, green, and blue. Its energy derives from the river from which it was named, having both the ability to calm to still waters and yet uprise to the powerful, coursing waves that continually cut through the banks of the earth.


Just as imposed, Amazonite can ease physical and emotional ailments, balance chakras, as well as filter out stress and soothe trauma. The grounding abilities encase the surface of aggression, depleting irrational anger and impulsive behavior, replacing it with balance.


Amazonite aids in the power to finding inner peace, and discovering ones true self beyond judgement and unnecessary negative influence. Through this stones particular ability, users have also found ease in communication with most of their troubled relationships, and the confidence and freedom to establish boundaries and self-space. Amazonite can also aid in guiding the user through remembering and interpreting their dreams, as well as block electromagnetic interference, and enhance instincts, bringing natural good fortune and timing.

Amazonite (Lake George, CO)


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