Amber (Mexico)

Amber from Mexico


While having potent healing abilities similar to crystals and minerals, Amber belongs to a biological class of organic products of nature. Through the years of sap oozing from the many trees clustered in dense forests, a hard and protective resin is created, sometimes encasing other once-living creatures and plants.


Like glittering dew-drops of sunlight-infused honey, Amber has a warm golden glow that radiates as bright as the pulse of a firefly and sometimes smolders down to the deep dark tones of glistening embers.


Amber carries a powerful life force within it, allowing the user to embody energy and wisdom to be able to recall and reconnect to past lives. Being a natural purifier, Amber can both ease physical ailment as well as mental and emotional misconfiguration, providing a clearer thought-process. The energy the resin provides tackles blockages and stagnant energy, creating movement essential to soothing depression, grief, and encouraging well-being. It can also detoxify negative energies and create protective auras. With its physical ability to fill indentations and naturally repair breakages in nature, Amber can also be used to reinvigorate marriages and achieve longevity.

Amber (Mexico)


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