Ametrine, Goethite, Smoky Quartz Sceptre (Lake George, CO)

A unique Smoky quartz sceptre with ametrine, goethite, and hematite inclusions. Lake George CO


A stone imbued with a gentle gradient of contrasting colors, Ametrine is a specific creation of circumstance. With just the right temperatures, the colors are due to the oxidation of the varying irons within the crystal. In order to produce both colors at once, both temperatures must be present and consistent for the entire duration of the crystal’s growth. This crystal could have easily developed into another type of stone, such as Amethyst or Citrine, had the temperatures differed just slightly. Typically, Ametrine can be found in a pale, translucent gradient of purple to golden orange.


The metaphysical and healing properties of Ametrine are what could be considered that of a multi-vitamin. While it has a steady balance of abilities similar to Amethyst and Citrine combined, it has its own individual properties as well. The energies it produces are said to cleanse the air of negative energy, inducing an environment capable of stimulating intellect. As somewhat of an amplifier, Ametrine empowers the self, creating a pathway to attuning to a higher state of consciousness during meditation. With that in mind, it also has a more large-scale ability to give the user ease of access to confidence in taking risks and accepting self-worth. Having both similarities to Amethyst and Citrine, Ametrine acts as a balancer, easing hyperactivity and boosting energy in lethargy.


Ametrine is capable of relieving more physical ailments as well, not only supplying more oxygen to the body and creating flowing circulation, but also enhancing brain activity to promote emotional well-being during trauma or recovery. This stone has also been known to lessen or alleviate the pain and swelling from a fever, as well as assisting in removing toxins from congestion. The other physical symptoms it has been known to relieve or reduce are dementia, deafness, and hardening of the arteries.


Similarly to its Quartz cousins, Ametrine can create equilibrium, dispersing negative energy and replacing it with light and clarity. This can also aid in removing emotional blockages cause from repressed memories or trauma, enabling the user the ability to confront psychological issues with confidence.

Ametrine, Goethite, Smoky Quartz Sceptre (Lake George, CO)


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