Ammanoid cephalopods first appeared over 400 million years ago, and became extinct along the same period as the dinosaurs. The ornamentation and structure of these petrified pods are characteristics of nearly all nautiloids, with curving, fractal shapes along a seam of mirroring bumps and valleys. These are referred to as Ammonite, and while they carry many characteristics similar to crystals and stones, this is actually what is referred to as an organic material that has been mineralized through a long period of time. Additionally, Ammolites are the thin, oil-spill iridescent remains of the Ammonite’s fossilized shell. Ammolite is developed usually around subtropical seas, and classified upon its crystallization and light diffraction.


Both Ammonite and Ammolite are useful in inducing deep meditative states, encouraging premonition-like dreaming. The physical nature of the organic mineral is said to be symbolic of the spiral spiritual pathway to the center, or self-awareness. Ammolite, being highly associated with water, has the ability to allow the user to “reflect” upon feelings they have become detached to due to unfortunate circumstance or trauma. Self-worth becomes more of a top priority as Ammolite enhances one’s reliability, loyalty and will to live; the mind becomes more attuned to noticing and appreciating the small things in life, encouraging living to the fullest of one’s abilities.



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