The most common color this stone is found in ranges from a medium to pale blue. Sometimes mistaken for Blue Calcite, Angelite tends to be more dense and opaque, especially if the stone has come in contact with water. This would be a result of “rehydration”, allowing the white calcium to appear more solid. If temperatures and conditions are specific, sometimes you can find Angelite that has striking red Hematite inclusions.


Well-known for its calming and gentle blue color, this crystal’s healing properties reflect appropriately. Vibrating at a more soothing frequency, Angelite can relieve tension, anger, stress, and ebb away at over-whelming emotions

in trying situations. The soothing characteristics of this stone can also aid by comforting the grief of losing a loved one unexpectedly. One of the more physical attributes of Angelite is that it is said to act as a diuretic, and aid in weightless or appetite restrictions. It can help balance the physical body and encourage healthier lifestyle choices. It has also been known to heighten awareness, boost psychic abilities as well as telepathic communication.


If there is ever disarray or dysfunction in an environment, Angelite can be used to alleviate negative weight and rejuvenate wear and tear from emotional over-stimulation. It can provide an ease of access to truth, and unclouded judgement on heavy decisions; additionally, this stone has been known for its ability to cleanse auras and increase awareness to create pathways to combat cruelty and abuse.



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