Apache Tear

Opaque at first sight, with small flecks of white, this peculiar stone can sometimes be translucent when held up to light. It was believed that the Apache Tear developed when lava was forced to into contact with air, and the divots derived from how quickly the lava cooled. They would then settle in molten masses, called Perlite to finish developing.


Apache Tears have healing properties that can remove or release emotional blockages preventing the user from experiencing a sense of peace. While sadness does tend to be alleviated, Apache Tears have been more commonly known for their aid with processing grief, whether it is strewn with guilt or not. This stone may clear the pathway to self-forgiveness and relieve anxiety, in turn replacing a negative mind with a positive one. It can produce more logical thinking, allowing the user to make more delegated decisions in their personal life.


The physical healing properties of Apache Tears are great for eliminating toxins, absorbing natural vitamins, and easing muscle spasms. Users have felt an increase in their circulation, as well as a heightened sense of physical energy. A natural cleansing aura comes hand-in-hand with this stone.

Apache Tear


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