Apatite Crystal

Apatite can be found in various different colors and forms. From white to green to yellow to violet, this stone can also be transparent, translucent, or opaque. It tends to stand out from the crowd, as it has more radiant, refracting shapes and shades of colors. Typically transparent and hexagonal, Apatite is usually found with a bright, yellow-green vibrancy.


Metaphysically, this stone can enhance insight, creativity, focus, and self-confidence. It’s an excellent catalyst for stimulating one’s intellect and recognizing true potential. Apatite can also be great for meditation, as it has an effect of spiritual freedom, and a willingness to let go of worldly objects and material possessions.


Physically, Apatite can aid with osteoporosis and arthritis, follicular issues, digestive issues, and minor spasms with the nervous system. It can improve balance and alleviate hypertension. Much unlike the sound of its name, this stone is known to suppress hunger and improve metabolism, as well as encourage the user to make smarter lifestyle choices in terms of consuming.

Apatite Crystal


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