Typically being a rather porous rock, Aragonite can be found in sedimentary environments. Though it is usually colorless or white, being a softer mineral, Aragonite is usually contaminated with impurities that give it a color pallet of browns, yellows, blues, pinks, and greens. It is also the main contributing mineral compound that makes up Mother of Pearl. Being a calcium carbonate mineral, it is very similar to Calcite. It occurs in hydrothermal veins or deposits in Hot Springs, and contact with the natural chemicals in the sedimentary rock creates a steady cycle of precipitation and evaporation.


Aragonite is considered to be a guardian of the Earth, therefore withholds wonderful metaphysical attributes to nature. This stone is often used for clearing out blockages in energy that cause stress and fatigue, as well as grounding to the present and releasing the past. Through this particular stabilizing process, Aragonite welcomes the user to a special connection to Earth. Other properties of Aragonite promote focus and concentration, and additionally, serenity and a sense of centering in the midst of volatile situations and decisions. For those who lack a sense of patience and self-control, Aragonite can help one overcome the obstacles in the way of their own personal growth.


The physical attributes of Aragonite have been known to enhance the natural vibrations of the body, increasing blood flow and circulation whilst decreasing healing time. The grounding properties and particular connection to Earth can relieve restlessness and involuntary spasms. Through its ability to ease neurological issues associated with spasms and hyperactivity, this stone has also been known to alleviate insomnia, allowing natural energy to re-enter and begin to flow.




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