Astrophyllite (Russia)

Astrophyllite From Russia


Astrophyllite is a hydrous potassium iron titanium silicate mineral. Its color varies from golden yellow to a deeply bronzed copper, with the occasional light refraction of blue. Their structure tends to be unusual and unique, branching out in gently bladed, star-shaped clusters exploding into an urchin-like form.


The potent metaphysical properties bring lightness and bubbling energy into the body. It encourages self-confidence in metamorphosis and transformation, eliminating demons and illuminating the true self. Astrophyllite brings unclouded judgement, relieving the turmoil of body dysmorphia and creating the foundation for self-acceptance with tranquility and honesty. This crystal is an essential to anyone looking to pursue the next step of their life-journey.


The physical attributes to the body are just as complex as the structure of the stone itself, as they go hand-in-hand with the metaphysical properties. As you become confident in the foundation Astrophyllite assists in manifesting, the typical body dysmorphia disorders stabilize with the rise of one’s inner findings. One might find that the general side-effects and symptoms of depression and anxiety start to ebb away, and with that, the physical contribution to emotional pain may start to decrease as well.

Astrophyllite (Russia)


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