Aventurine (Brazil)

Most commonly found in green, Aventurine has been seen in translucent, banded specimens of blue, red, brown, purple, orange, and gray; the stone typically gains its multi-colored bands from Fuchsite particles and Hematite or Goethite inclusions, and additionally, Pyrite, Mica, and Lepidolite contribute their hues as well. It has been referred as the “Stone of Opportunity”, thought to bring good fortune and aiding the manifestation of wealth and prosperity. Specifically using the word “opportunity”, this stone does not bring luck, but rather re-aligns the self to conditions for “right place, right time” situations.


Aventurine gives the user the courage to break old habits that have previously prevented the individual’s personal growth; the stone makes optimism more accessible, creating motivation and the appropriate perseverance to properly maneuver through one’s personal life obstacles. While manifesting more of a self-awareness, Aventurine also guides one to open-ness, and the ability to apply outside influences into one’s growth as well.


The metaphysical strengths of Aventurine are more perceptive. The stone grants abilities to better understand previously miscommunicated discussions or re-evaluate loose-ends and confusing resolutions. It’s a useful stone for connecting the mind and body, and understanding and communicating with one’s self. The physical impact Aventurine has is a well-rounded benefit for the entire body. It can increase the function of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and sinuses, as well as detox and fortify the liver. It can release negative energy reservoirs and blockages, fight disease, and act as a preventative for arterial blockages; it has been highly beneficial in fighting skin disorders, such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis. Another specific use of the stone is its ability to stimulate the development and physical growth of premature infants. Aventurine can also absorb electromagnetic interference and physically protect one from environmental pollution. Additionally, green Aventurine in particular can increase brain activity and focus.

Aventurine (Brazil)


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