Azurite Malachite (China)

Azurite and Malachite from China


Azurite is a copper carbonate mineral, typically found in slow-formed masses of copper ore. These ore pockets are typically found in the oxidized nodules of crystals. The color absorption is intense to the eye, channeling deep, resonating hues of stirringly reflective blues and indigos, typically contrasted by minerals of opaque, porcelain white. It has been a known main ingredient for paints and fabrics for centuries.


Considered a legacy in the field of metaphysical healers, Azurite is an expertly-crafted elixir of various powers. By enhancing connections to the past, Azurite amplifies inner wisdom, cleansing and activating the third eye chakra.


This stone brings clarity in confusion and release in tension, continually bringing new angles of perspective to the beholder. Azurite stimulates psychic fields and intuitive abilities, creating a foundation for lucid dreaming and safe spiritual journeys, in turn easily accessing past information that could be beneficial to current dilemmas. These specific practices have been known to connect and confront debilitating fears and phobias. Additionally, Azurite is known to aid with overcoming sadness and grief, releasing stress and anxiety, and welcoming positive and healing energy into one’s self.


The physical benefits are bountiful with Azurite. Circulatory improvement and increase in oxygen have been common developments after continual practice with this particular crystal. The stone works on a more complex and cellular level to restore damage or blockage to the brain, seemingly improving irreversible damage in Alzheimer’s and other degenerative brain-related disorders. Migraine or tension-headache relief has been reported, as well as a significant decrease in tinnitus. Azurite can also help with alignment of the spine and reduce the inflammation of arthritic joints.

Due to the development of each structure being similar in conditions, and as another copper carbonate mineral, Malachite is often coupled with Azurite in nature, contrasting the shimmering, starry-night blue with a brilliant, radioactive green.




When married in nature, Azurite-Malachite becomes a catalyst of pure energy, amplifying grounding forces, and encouraging deep, spiritual meditation. It can charge the subconscious, and filter emotional weight with rationality and critical thinking to be able to push through volatile situations. The stone can dissolve narcissism and repel conceit, inviting the user to be more compassionate and communicative. Azurite/Malachite together can balance the mind and bring clarity to indecision.


*See Malachite for further physical and metaphysical benefits.

Azurite Malachite (China)


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