Beryl Aquamarine(Mt. Antero, CO)

Aquamarine Beryl from Mt. Antero, CO


Aquamarine dons its name from its bluish-green, sparkling wave-like color; it’s a pale blue, transparent member of the Beryl family, and cousin to the Emerald. The color of Aquamarine can have an altered color through heat to deepen the hue, or it may be treated to lose its color entirely. This is a practice due to Aquamarine being one of the few gemstones where there has been many a failure to make a lab recreation or synthesized version.


The metaphysical properties of Aquamarine encourage the urgency of communication and speaking the mind. It has been used as a charisma booster for those who have stage-fright, and those who need extra attention as regular public speakers. This stone enhances the ability to be self-aware and more conscious of the self’s true feelings on any particular decision, and on top of that be able to articulate them with clarity. While enhancing intellectual processing and reactions, Aquamarine wears a life jacket of perseverance and discipline as well, balancing the mind from irrational thinking and promoting responsibility. Aquamarine has been known to remove emotional blockages from trauma, allowing the user the confidence and strength to speak of issues normally subconsciously repressed. It can also aid with panic attacks and lingering guilt of inadequacy from high parental standards, as well as ground the user from dissociative episodes. This stone encourages that change is ever-happening and induces positivity during a transition.


Additionally, Aquamarine has various different physical healing properties, but the one that stands most prominent is its respiratory relief. It can ease sinus conditions as well as chronic coughing and allergies whilst also battling infection and bronchitis. A few other benefits of the stone are its abilities to balance hormones in the pituitary and thyroid glands, stimulating growth, as well as alleviate skin conditions and inflammatory diseases, like hives, eczema, or psoriasis.

Beryl Aquamarine(Mt. Antero, CO)


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