The Gateway To The Cosmos
This piece is so uniquely beautiful it deserves its own page. This Amethyst formation measures 4 1/2 feet tall, by 3 feet wide, and weighs in at a massive 800 pounds. The pink crystallization is a thin layer of Hematite that formed over the Amethyst, and an additional layer of clear quartz formed over the Hematite, sealing in its pinkish glow and protecting it from oxidization. Covering the large quartz points are tiny double terminated quartz and calcite crystals. This stone is considered to be an entryway into the cosmic dimensions, and can be used to access higher planes. This piece is for sale to the right buyer, and we please ask only serious inquiries. We have included a number of pictures for you to observe the incredible detail and beauty of this one of a kind stone. 

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